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Check out this list of awesome VR apps and games for Android!. 15 best VR apps for Google Cardboard, Google Daydream, and Gear VR! (Updated 2019) Google Cardboard V 2.0 – (Amazon.com $12.99).

10 best Google Cardboard apps for the best VR experience! (Updated 2019) - Android Authority
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10 best Google Cardboard apps for the best VR experience! (Updated 2019) - Android Authority
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Virtual reality is a great way to experience video games on a whole new level of immersion, and several VR platforms are available for consoles, PC and yes, even Android.
Are you ready to challenge your perceptions of what a mobile game can be?
These are our recommendations for the best VR games for Android.
If you use the Oculus Go, the standalone headset that doesn't require a phone, we've also got you covered for the.
If you have a headset that connects to your PC, be sure to check out our.
The Daydream platform is accessible via the and smartphone, or best cowboys games for the standalone standalone headset.
Virtual Virtual Reality Meta, much?
Virtual reality was originally a Daydream title, but has met with such success that it has since been ported to the Gear VR, Oculus Go, and Steam for users of the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.
V-VR posits a future in which the robots have taken over, and humans are reduced to working as servants to our machine overlords.
Assuming the role of one of these assistants, you must complete various tasks for your employers, or rebel against them if you so choose.
Over the course of the game's many levels, you'll don virtual VR headsets, teleport to different bizarre worlds, and complete various challenges while enjoying hopefully the game's absurd humor.
A must try for any VR gamer.
Get it on the Rez Infinite The name Rez may bring some nostalgic joy to old-school PlayStation gamers who experienced the original psychedelic rhythm game, and the current VR-compatible incarnation is even more immersive and entrancing.
This on-rails shooter was ported over from PC with very game ever played best online sacrificed in terms of best freestyle ski games and gameplay.
On Google Daydream, especially on the Mirage Solo, Rez Infinite is an absolute feast for the senses.
Get it on the Hardlight Blade Sure, it's not quite but for wannabe Jedi with a budget VR headset, Hardlight Blade more than hits the spot.
Gameplay is simple: you wield a futuristic blade and slice through wave after wave of robotic foes.
It may seem unfair that your enemies also have ranged weapons.
Badass, There's not much in terms of levels apart from seeing how long you can survive against increasingly difficult enemy waves, but given that the game costs nothing, it still stands out as one of the best free VR games out there.
Get it on the Arcslinger It's always high noon, somewhere out in space.
The player can learn best rtg slot game magic' powerups to spice up the usual look-click-shoot VR gun gameplay, and the cartoony space western-style graphics look great and definitely skew the game towards a kid-friendly feeling.
In the beginning, it's fairly simple because usually only a few stones have to be moved, but the difficulty increases significantly from one level to the next.
In the VR version, the action appears all around you, as if you were shrunk and placed into the game world.
You use the controller to move the stones and show the robot which way to go.
The world has been attacked by demons and you have to keep them back in this action-packed rolling game — to save the world, as per usual.
This is a fun and graphically impressive game.
Rolling game elements make your character grow stronger over time and learn new skills.
Thanks to the Daydream controller, you quickly get used to the controls.
Need for Speed: No Limits VR is probably the best racing game for Daydream-capable smartphones.
Great graphics and breakneck-pace races guarantee an exciting ride, but what makes version best uk game rental something VR experience with Need for Speed complete are the detailed options for customization and car tuning.
EA has paid attention to detail: At the beginning you can even adjust the height of your seat.
Your mission: to fend off attackers, because pirates are desperate to steal those minerals.
So you sit at a cannon and blast the attacking spaceships to smithereens using the immense arsenal of weapons at your disposal.
The controls are a little bit tricky to get used to.
The game is action-packed and fast, but you control every move with your gaze.
Rangi Rangi is a beautiful puzzle game with an aesthetic informed by African tribal art, architecture and music.
The music is particularly delightful throughout the game.
In Rangi, you have a sacred quest to restore the power of the Music Giants and restore rhythm to the world.
But it's not a dance-off.
The difficulty balance of the puzzles is fair and the distinct art direction keeps the game fresh and engaging in a crowded market of puzzles.
Get it from End Space End Space is probably THE definitive VR space fighter thanks to its gorgeous visuals, immersive environment, and fleshed out sci-fi story.
As well as being on Gear VR, this popular action game is also supported by Oculus Rift, PSVR and.
The total freedom of movement in a VR space can feel somewhat disorienting, but once you can navigate your Minos Starfighter, you'll be feeling like a hotshot pilot in no time, blasting your enemies into space dust in the game's beautiful environments.
The cost of this premium the best vr games for android VR experience?
Keep talking and nobody explodes VR might seem like it should isolate you from the outside world, but this game turns that assumption upside down.
The player with the headset on is faced with a randomly generated bomb covered with wires and buttons — and your nearby friends without headsets are looking at a manual, either printed out or on another screen, and must talk you through the disarming process as you describe a bomb that they cannot see.
Want to know off your Gear VR at a party?
Don't be anti-social, here's how to do it.
Get it Anshar Wars 2 Anshar Wars 2 is a graphically impressive VR game.
In this game, your little fighter battles in space for victory.
This action game is a lot of fun because the 360-degree effect of the Gear VR works very well.
However, you should also connect a game controller to your smartphone otherwise it quickly becomes uncomfortable to control.
Designed especially for the Gear VR, in this game you awaken in an old civilization.
You do not need a controller because ustwo has devised its own operation.
Graphically, Land's End is abstract; the virtual landscapes are inspired by many remote parts of the earth.
Action-lovers will not be happy with this one.
Like many other Gear VR games, Land's End also costs quite a lot.
You'll equip your wand with elements that allow you to cast spells such as fireballs, lightning bolts and meteor attacks.
Movement in the game only takes place via teleport, otherwise you aim by means of head movements.
There is no real story the best vr games for android instead, Wands focuses on battles the best vr games for android other players.
Before fighting real opponents via the Internet, however, some training is recommended - both to familiarize yourself with the controls and also to find stronger spells.
Operation is either via game controller or Gear VR touchpad.
The new Gear controller is also already supported.
Augmented Empire With an isometric tabletop view reminiscent of classic point-and-click PC gaming, Augmented Empire stands out from the crowd right from the get-go.
But aside from its visuals, this turn-based tactical RPG is also distinguished by its well-developed story.
You direct a party of 6 misfit characters through a dystopian cyberpunk city that has descended into Victorian-esque levels of inequality and dysfunction, uncovering a surprisingly deep plot along the way.
Rich storytelling and top-notch voice acting make Augmented Empire one of the more satisfying VR games out there.
Although the controls and mechanics are relatively intuitive, a controller is recommended for the best experience.
Augmented Empire VR Games for Google Cardboard Cardboard is Google's ultra-low budget solution for entry-level VR.
Most Android phones can run cardboard apps, and viewers are often available for just a couple of bucks or given away for free.
It's a story based adventure game set in a cyberpunk future and let's face it, there's probably more than a little crossover between VR and cyberpunk fans.
that best no permission android games very Eons has a decent plot, immersive music and tons of see more, and is completely free, without even ads to mar your experience.
The only downside is that it's quite short, but hopefully the developer will follow up this "episode 0" with a full-fledged series.
Not only does it offer an unusual setting with fantastic visuals, but it's specially designed to work with Cardboard and I've only ever had a smooth experience on it.
Honestly, there's not much more to it, but the more grounded feel of piloting a turret rather than a spacecraft means that it's less disorienting, and you don't have to worry about navigation.
As such, it's not quite the quality of what you'd find playing the game on Oculus or Gear VR, but is the best vr games for android one of the best action titles you can get on cardboard.
Lamper VR: Firefly Rescue, the successor to Lamper VR: First Flight, is such a game.
Here, through head movements you control a go here firefly and you have to free your firefly friends who were lost when spiders attacked your insect kingdom.
In the game, you fly through forests and caves, shoot down fireballs and use power-ups to defeat opponents.
This works very well thanks to intuitive controls.
Not only does it look stylish — it's also free.
Lamper VR: Firefly Rescue is available for free in the Google Play Store.
Infinite ways to go.
No wonder that VR games often take place in space.
In VR Space: The Last Mission you are - as usual - the last hope of humanity.
Also as per usual, the story is mainly an excuse for action.
The crucial thing is that you repel the many attacks of enemy spaceships.
And that's more than enough for an entertaining experience - especially since the graphics are so impressive.
Although the game is designed for cardboard VR glasses, there is a NoVR mode that transforms the game into a classic smartphone game.
We're looking forward to your comments.
But detailing of a virtual world in many games is low.
To get a more detailed virtual world and a full immersion in virtual reality, you need a very powerful mobile phone and a virtual reality helmet for example HTC Vive.
But the cost of such equipment is very high.
Personally, I prefer playing VR games in special clubs of virtual reality.
For example, the club of virtual reality in Melbourne - virivr.
In such clubs, there are high-tech helmets of virtual reality and additional equipment.
This will allow you to full "deep" into a virtual world and get a lot of positive emotions.
Also, you can play together with your friends Actually I also love playing online games that challenge you brain and mental activity.
That's why I just adore games as poker and I play it at Mr.
Moreover, that game is pretty fun, too.
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Virtual reality is a new milestone towards better gaming experience and a big revolution for game lovers. Virtual reality is the future of video games and will be soon reformed the displaying of virtual data. VR is in its primitive stages and advancing towards its pinnacle at a fast pace. Today we will discuss about the best Android VR games.

10 best VR games for Google Cardboard - Android Authority
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10 best Google Cardboard apps for the best VR experience! (Updated 2019) - Android Authority
We have good choices to begin our adventure in fantasy worlds with Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR or HTC Vive.
And more, we have a huge selection of games to support these platforms.
And then imagine that these feelings will be twice as strong.
So, now you have such a possibility.
Serious Sam VR is a proud representative of the series.
It has everything you would expect from it: big guns, hordes of evil enemies, intensive shooting, crazy humor.
Well, the biggest difference — now it happens in VR!
Sam is having another meeting with his arch-nemesis Mental and his legions.
Fans will notice that all key features from the original series are in place — blood, flesh, bone, explosions.
Plus, now you can shoot enemies Macedonian style with two guns.
You the best vr games for android expect series immersion from this goofy style arcade shooter, but in terms of fun, it the best vr games for android one step ahead of the competition in its niche.
The feedback is already very positive.
The developers promise to add more content to the upcoming game: new guns, new types of enemies, and new locations.
The full change log for the latest update is.
The Lab Multiplatform: Vive, Oculus The game that has already become a classic of the genre.
The Lab consists of various best mobile VR games with story for you to choose from.
Although they might look simple, they are addictive as hell.
This is why even VR veterans will find something interesting to do here.
Some experiments are nothing more than visual demonstrations with passive gameplay.
And, the purpose is to help newcomers and kids to orient in virtual environments.
For those who strive for a challenge, there are more difficult scenarios with active physical activity.
Bow shooting, for example.
It combines the gaming aspect with real training.
If you prefer something less intensive, you might participate in the experiment with a robot dog.
You will be able to play with him a simple «throw-a-stick» game.
Everest VR gaming experience HTC Vive exclusive Ever dreamed about conquering Mount Everest?
Now it is possible with new virtual reality game Everest.
This exclusive project is a unique climbing simulator from Oculus Rift platform.
This game is built on Unreal Engine 4 which allows drawing visually stunning scenic routes.
As a result, Everest VR is just like a short movie with you as the main actor.
You can walk around, interact with different objects, or just admire the photo-realistic graphics.
It is not an ordinary title but an interactive experience.
Finally, it allows traveling to incredibly realistic location in the world.
Lightblade VR HTC Vive exclusive This is what millions Star Wars fans across the globe have been waiting for years.
In Lightblade VR your dream of becoming a Jedi swordmaster comes true!
Upon arrival, you will get your personal robot instructor that will guide you through basics and introduce various training routines.
For more experienced Jedi there is also a series of more difficult challenges to choose from.
Among VR games for Android, Lightblade VR is a real equivalent to sports activities as it requires good coordination, dexterity, and situational awareness.
After spending 15 minutes in you will probably feel the tension in your body and hands.
Less experienced players can just limit their gaming session in order to adapt to please click for source game.
Without any doubt, it makes Lightblade VR a perfect choice for beginners and pro-VR players as well.
In addition to that, Lightblade VR has incredible graphics, cool ambient audio during fights, clear, user-friendly interface.
Furthermore, this game also has a progress system which rewards dedicated see more with new items e.
The Solus Project Multiplatform: Vive, Oculus Fans of exploration games will get ecstatic with this one of the most popular VR game.
The Solus Project challenges you to survive on wild ruins of unknown civilization.
Perhaps, this is the most unusual attempt to recreate a hybrid survival gameplay.
As well, The Solus Project is notable for its mystical atmosphere and colorful visual aesthetics.
Without any doubt, they completely change your perception of the virtual reality games, and Android VR games in particular.
Apollo 11 VR game Multiplatform: Vive, Oculus, PS VR A truly unique project as its main goal is purely educational.
The developer of Apollo 11 VR wanted to tell the story about one of the greatest achievements of humanity to date.
Furthermore, with this project they want to inspire the next generation for new achievements in space.
For this reason, the game is free for students.
Also, immersive VR Education company managed to create a game which carefully replicates the events of that flight.
Now anybody can become one of those astronauts who made the history.
The game provides you with the opportunity to enjoy the fantastic scenery from open space.
As well, interact with other people on board, and perform the memorable landing on the Moon.
Raw Data HTC Vive Exclusive Perhaps one the best VR titles to date; at least in action games category.
Raw Data was developed from the scratch specifically for virtual reality gaming.
All your actions and gameplay features are intuitive, so adaptation before the fight does not take long.
After picking one of two playable characters you are immediately thrown into battle against the robotic threat of all kinds: agile ninja swordsmen, heavy armored infantry, flying drones, etc.
Your survival completely depends on your personal skills and your arsenal: pistols, futuristic shotguns, and https://eronline.ru/best-games/3d-best-games.html old-school katana!
In order to overcome the onslaught of enemies you will have to rely on your agility, swift reflexes, and your partner as this games also has a duo co-op mode.
Raw Data delivers a full package of active VR combat, unique heroes with their own special abilities, and different modes to choose from.
No wonder why the rating of approval for this game on Steam is so high.
Pool Nation VR is made for situations like that.
This online billiards simulator for VR headsets has the realistic atmosphere of your local bar.
Throwable chairs, stools, and bottles are also at your disposal.
As it is an essential part of any bar visiting experience.
So, you can even switch and play a few darts rounds or air hockey for a change.
As well, Pool Nation VR offers several billiards game modes, personal customization with loot drops, options to play against real opponents.
Extremely fun and smooth VR experience.
Arizona Sunshine Multiplatform: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift A zombie-themed first-person virtual reality shooting games with survival elements.
Apart from stunning graphics Arizona Sunshine also features a physics engine which was developed by Vertigo Games specifically for this project.
Each zombie hit or strike feels realistic and does not follow simplistic patterns of 4 or 5 attack types that we often see in other games.
Players can use a wide range of firearms, but for those who prefer close quarters combat, there are also a lot of melee weapons.
Arizona Sunshine was originally developed for HTC Vive and its motion controllers which allow creating realistic aiming, shooting, and reloading close enough to real life.
But with the announce of the Touch controllers for Oculus Rift it has become a multi-platform game.
Hover Junkers HTC Vive Exclusive In Hover Junkers, you get to pilot your own ship which is going to be your private area.
Now, your ship is based on the size of your room!
It can be modified with scrap to be more like a flying fortress.
So prepare to shoot and avoid been hit just like in the real world.
In Hover Junkers, you have to evade projectiles by ducking physically.
There is no magic button to do it for you.
The game is extremely intense but you enough time to rest between matches as they are limited to 10 minutes.
Although Hover Junkers mostly focus on click to see more battles it also has a single campaign nevertheless.
So it is a good thing to have in case you just want to relax and shoot some bots.
Incredibly fun, fast-paced, and cool looking game.
A «must play» for all HTC Vive users.
Fantastic Contraption Multiplatform: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift Imagine a virtual reality sandbox with unlimited construction options where you can create practically anything.
Colossal cruise ships, jets, cars — you name it!
That would be Fantastic Contraption VR.
Finally, your main goal in this game is to deliver a small pink ball.
You have just click for source unlimited amount of spinning wheels and stretchable sticks at your disposal to get the job done.
Do whatever your mind comes up with and use your fantasy.
There are no wrong or flawed solutions!
The process of insane engineering is extremely entertaining, especially if you can make them work together using basic physics principles.
Finally, the last part might be a little be challenging at first, but you will get used to it.
Space Pirate Trainer VR Multiplatform: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift Space Pirate Trainer might seem too simple and dull at first glance but, after diving deeper into the process, you will understand that it requires total concentration to play.
You have two laser guns and two shields to protect yourself from invaders, so use them wisely.
The defending area looks like the rooftop of a skyscraper with glowing city light can be seen in the background.
There is a giant holographic board with statistics and other vital information in front of you, and a spaceship behind.
You are here with a gun in each hand to stop invaders from destroying the ship.
Your weapons have several firing modes each suitable for a different scenario: single shot, triple shot, laser, and continuous firing.
In order to succeed, you have to find a perfect balance between defense and attack.
With every wave of enemies, the game gets harder.
The harder it gets, the more points you receive.
The gameplay gets increasingly intensive and becomes more like a sports training.
Elite: Dangerous Multiplatform: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Open Source VR This game is all about space traveling and exploration.
The whole milky way is your playground, but you have to learn more here from small beginnings.
So at the beginning of your exploration career, you will get a small spaceship and limited options.
But after completing missions you will get access to advanced skills.
Surely, m ore than 400 billion star systems are waiting for you in Elite: Dangerous.
Become famous, become Elite, and make your mark in the history book.
No doubt, this is your main purpose in this world.
The virtual environment in Elite: Dangerous is exceedingly realistic: every star, planet, satellite, or asteroid can be seen clearly and in detail.
Apart from unprecedented space immersion Elite: Dangerous can also get your attention with the thoughtful and intricate story.
This adventure game will surely engage your brain into the process.
Surgeon Simulator Multiplatform: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift Some games receive a second life in Virtual Reality when it would seem their lifespan is over.
Surgeon Simulator is one of those «resurrected» games.
Just like in the traditional Surgeon Simulator you get to perform various surgical operations.
Good old heart and brain transplants, teeth removal, eye surgery, double kidney transplantation are waiting for your incompetent hands and dark sense of humor.
Originally Surgeon Simulator was an Oculus Rift exclusive, but a special Surgeon Simulator VR: Meet the Medic for HTC Vive was developed later on.
Tilt Brush HTC Vive exclusive A 3D painting tool turned into the game project in Virtual Reality.
Now you can walk and view your creations from any angle.
It can be barely called a «game» in the conventional sense, but we could not ignore or did not mention this title here.
With Tilt Brush, you can let your fantasy flow.
This program creates amazing things in virtual reality.
Even more you can draw animated characters, build constructions, house, furnish them with stuff.
There are so many options, colors, types of brushes in this game.
As well HTC Vive gives you two controllers to work with Tilt Brush: one of them turns into a universal palette for color selection, brush selection, etc.
Also you are free to draw as a solid color or use animated paint as well.
Job Simulator Multiplatform: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift Various serious and weird as well job simulators are popular these days.
Their goal was to create a game about professional routines that are far from hard working romantics.
Office clerk, chef of the roadside diner, shop salesman, mechanic — that it is something you desired.
This is what makes Job Simulator an original product.
In addition to that, a person playing Job Simulator in VR looks funny as hell.
He waves his arms, twists, bends, and turns — it seems that the helmet on the head completely blocks you from reality.
But no matter what is going on outside of your playing space, the role of the virtual worker does not become less fun.
Well, it might not be as fun as virtual sex, though you can throw donuts into robots and entertain yourself in a dozen different ways.
Except all of this is happening in VR!
The gameplay is so engaging and captivating so even old-school conservators start to believe in the VR technology.
Most VR games use the first-person view for achieving a better sense of immersion, but some titles go for the third-person view.
It is exactly the breath of fresh air that The best vr games for android gaming needs so desperately in order to get attention from masses.
Final Approach Multiplatform: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift Final Approach surely makes it to the list of the unique virtual reality experiences.
This is what you get after combining a strategy with a flying simulator.
Airports and cities are your main point of interest as you take the role of the air control operator.
Some cool options like manual zooming for better vision during landing sequences were also introduced in this reimagine of the title.
Final Approach has four large gaming zones and counts more than six hours of gameplay.
Audioshield HTC Vive exclusive Audioshield arms you with two shields the best vr games for android the different color.
So, you block giant colorful bubbles as they fly towards https://eronline.ru/best-games/which-is-the-best-game-for-android-mobile.html to the beat of the chosen song.
Especially if were are talking about Audioshield.
Every song requires a huge amount of concentration to succeed.
Furthermore, the game adapts to any melody you point at, plus it throws in some tracks from the large internet music collection licensed for the game.
It is great when gameplay gets adaptive and adjusts to any music the best vr games for android you prefer.
Audioshield is incredibly addictive with a ton of customization options like difficulty settings, different kinds of shields, and the ability to play your music of choice.
VR Soccer Header Multiplatform: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift VR This wolf run slots online free play safe Header from the Versatile studio is a real gift for all football and soccer fans.
Special sound effect and Awesome Design which energize your real Soccer game experience.
The real Graphical effect that encourages you to feel high-quality ball hitting effect which adds more fun and makes it very addictive.
With Virtual Reality, you can able to create new relaxation experience like reality.
There are two modes to play, One is simple and the other is audience mode when you hit the target, Audience will appreciate your victory.
Feel Great virtual reality experience.
No need of tutorial, text or buttons.
Just use your head wear cardboard to shoot the ball towards the goal.
Euro Truck Simulator 2 Multiplatform: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift Euro Truck Simulator 2 is the closest you can get to this profession in games.
Where else could you have a detailed, almost real multi-ton truck?
But developers from SCS Software decide to improve the sense of immersion by bringing full virtual reality support into to the table.
Now you can fully immerse yourself in the process.
A huge truck with unbelievably realistic cockpit and enjoying beautiful sceneries passing by.
All key features like completing missions, delivering stuff, or looking around the cab and out of the window are here!
Eagle Flight VR Multiplatform: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR First made for VR developed by Ubisoft.
Originally it was an Oculus Rift exclusive but right now it supports all three main VR headsets.
It is a perfect choice for those who have never seen VR gaming before but experienced players will also find it interesting.
The game is very intuitive and easy to play.
It has different option to go for: from free exploration for beginner to series of hardcore solo challenges.
Furthermore, it has a multiplayer element attached to it which allows up to 6 people playing together.
In Eagle Flight, you get to see the future of Paris 50 years after the complete disappearance of mankind from the face of the Earth.
You can explore the area becoming one of the eagles that inhabit this place.
Fly above historic sites, race wide city streets, discover secret corners, and more!
The Climb Oculus Rift exclusive Exclusive climbing adventure for Oculus Rift owners which offers gorgeous ultra-detailed scenery and immersive high adrenaline thrills.
The first prototype of the game was being developed for original Oculus Rift without Touch controls.
For this particular reason, the developers of The Climb were challenged to create a universal control system that would allow looking around and using virtual hands by changing the position of the headset.
It is really cool to see how your VR hand moves left or right when you turn your head.
With Oculus Touch controllers available now your climbing experience might become even more realistic.
You will be able to hang on virtual ledges using hands in real life.
Thus you will practically feel the gameplay.
ADR1FT Multiplatform: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Open source VR The easiest way to describe ADR1FT in one sentence is to say: it is a game version of the 2013th movie Gravity.
It challenges you to survive in space.
It is not a trivial task when you have to navigate in zero gravity with oxygen level fading fast.
Did we mention that you will also have to solve various puzzles simultaneously throughout five different areas?
ADR1FT is a good choice for creating a top-notch photo-realistic graphics.
The project proves this point amply: all basic models are well-made and look as good as real.
Explosions, electric discharges, gas emissions seem quite natural.
Even your body behaves as it should in zero gravity conditions — you feel every change of your position in space, every hit you take, overload causes understandable glitches in the system.
All in all, it is a solid space experience.
Toybox Oculus Rift exclusive It is hard to call Toybox a standalone game; it is rather a demonstration of the new Touch Controllers, but it still deserves mention on this list as it clearly indicates where Facebook is trying to reach with Oculus integration.
Toybox is their experiment about social interaction and cooperation in virtual environments.
What would people do if they are presented with such opportunity?
How are they going to play or interact?
In Toybox, you can drive in zero gravity, light fireworks, use various gadgets, play games with your friend.
Think of it as your private playground but in VR.
Medium Oculus Rift exclusive Just like Tilt Brush, this is technically not a game but still android games for free be classified as a sculpting simulator.
When Tilt Brush caters to painters, Medium goes for sculptors.
The process of creation takes place in your virtual workshop where you have all the tools needed for molding, shaping, remastering, and coloring.
Typically, you see this process on flat 2D screens, but now you finally have a chance to try the real-life sculpting.
It may seem that Medium is just a fun time around, but it has enough depth and options to become a professional instrument for content creators and designers.
With the ability to export meshes of your creations into traditional programs for further tinkering it is possible that this project will become a platform for talented animators or game designers.
Holoball Multiplatform: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR HoloBall teleports the player into the arena which immediately reminds one of the most iconic video games of all times.
What are you going to do there?
Play the ball, of course!
Seriously, if you want to play a tennis-like game without any unnecessary things versus AI, look no further.
Strap your controllers tightly around your wrist and prepare to do some heavy exercising in VR while trying to score the ball in the gates of your opponent.
This game will surely frazzle you out.
There are tons of standard colors and ability to make custom ones.
Choose nozzles, drips, or whatever you like when creating street masterpieces.
Using hand controllers, you can check this out control your actions just like in the real world.
To make it even more realistic and closer to streets the developers added options to choose the time of day and a boombox to listen to your favorite radio while painting!
VR Sports Challenge Oculus Rift exclusive A collection of sports disciplines to enjoy in VR which includes football, basketball, baseball, and ice hockey.
Guys from Sanzaru Games decided to remove the most annoying element in most VR titles — moving or rather say teleporting.
It is a smart decision for active sports games where you would definitely miss half the fun trying to move your character to the desired position.
Teleporting is entirely automatic so you can concentrate on passing the ball and scoring.
On the defending side, the number of options is limited to occasional blocking in the form of mini-game.
Oculus Rift exclusive P.
As soon as you arrive, a space storm hits the station.
You survive only to find that the station is deserted and abandoned.
One of the key features of the game is your ability to switch between two timelines.
In the first dimension, the station is clean, uninhabited, and well-lit.
In the second one — dark, damaged, and empty.
The protagonist does not get any weapons as there are no real enemies around except the environment.
The gameplay is based on thinking, solving puzzles, and deducing what has happened here.
The visual style and space station entourage looks impressive.
What is even more impressive — is the unusual implementation of retro-futuristic setting: cassette tape recorders, heavy fat kinescopes and projectors create an atmosphere you might believe in.
The progression is linear; all episodes are tied with each other in somewhat twisted and impudent manner.
All these things make Headmaster charming and attracting unlike many other titles «for one-hour leisure time».
What this game is about?
About football testing school in the small dystopian world.
Football and soccer fans will surely appreciate such a twist and will get addicted to the gameplay.
Your main mission in each given scenario — is to score points by heading the ball into stationary or moving targets.
The challenges are getting increasingly harder to entertain advanced players.
Subnautica Multiplatform: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Open Source VR Research vessel Aurora breaks down after unsuccessful entry into the atmosphere of the oceanic planet.
The ship is crumbling apart, and our protagonist has one shot to survive in a rescue capsule.
He survives the crash in the middle of the ocean.
Subnautica might seem just another simple diving game adapted for virtual reality, but it is far more complicated than that in a good way.
While exploring a vast unknown underwater world you have to scavenge resources to survive and craft advanced mechanisms to build a home base on the ocean floor and even more!
But be aware that the local wildlife can be hostile and can remind you where is your place in the food chain.
Dear Esther Oculus Rift exclusive You probably know this unique game experiment with gorgeous graphics.
In VR it looks fantastic as well.
Gaming experience with Oculus Rift is nothing short of being beautiful and captivating.
After spending some time in the vivid 3D environment, you begin to believe that this title was meant to be a VR project all along.
The relaxed slow-paced gaming process only improves the experience.
No one rushes the protagonist, so take your time to enjoy beautiful scenery.
Smash Hit VR Samsung Gear VR check this out The great implementation of physics along with immersive graphics will make you hungry for destruction.
Smash Hit VR is the adaption of original Smash Hit for Samsung virtual reality headset.
The developers managed to incorporate relaxation into the game based on nonstop destruction.
In addition, the hypnotic soundtrack and convenient controls along with the features mentioned above appeal to different categories of gamers ensuring the high popularity of Smash Hit VR.
Bohemian Rhapsody Experience Google Cardboard The premise of this one is simple — reintroduce the iconic song in virtual reality.
Without any doubt, Bohemian Rhapsody is one of those legendary songs that must be immortalized in music history.
Making the VR experience out of it, is probably the best way to do it.
Best Cardboard games such as this one, allows you enter the subconscious mind of Freddy Mercury and feel the sensation of playing the song onstage with all other band members.
Bohemian Rhapsody has the full set of audio components and visual effects that react to your movements.
VR Cave Google Cardboard Ever wanted to go spelunking without bathing in dirt and banging your head against low-hanging stalactites?
Then grab your device with VR Cave and embark on an underground journey, within one of the best VR games for Android.
So experience realistic exploration of the 3D cave with your mobile VR headset and explore an exciting environment.
As well, it works with any mobile headset that has an accelerometer.
Roller Coaster VR Google Cardboard The realistic atmosphere of drive and excitement without leaving your home.
Roller Coaster VR sets you on the joy ride with high adrenaline dosage.
Besides, with Google Cardboard you can experience the incredible descent at various locations.
It can be a jungle, city, or other incredible places.
The game features pleasant, realistic graphics and good audio support which includes sounds of the crowd, birds, nature, and city.
The Fifth Sleep Samsung Gear VR You are one of the lucky few to participate in the experimental project «Proteus» which is essentially a testing of a Nano-robotic camera that explores the human body.
We must admit that traveling along veins and arteries is a breathtaking experience as you receive an opportunity to discover most unusual landscapes in gaming.
The plot premise is nothing special: the mentioned camera will be injected into a comatose patient to find the source of the trauma.
But as soon as start your quest you will realize that this game can still surprise you.
Motorsport Revolution Oculus Rift exclusive Are you a racing simulator fan?
If yes, then just stop here and check Motorsport Revolution in VR.
Motorsport Revolution features one the best physics models to date which was inspired by console hits Le Mans Series and Forza.
So it will be difficult enough to find a more skill challenging racing simulator in VR.
The developers of Motorsport Revolution wanted to recreate genuine and immersive racing experience and succeeded.
As well, top race cars and most difficult tracks known to humanity are waiting for you!
A solid port of the great racing title with breathtakingly beautiful graphics.
Adding the option to play it in virtual reality adds a whole new level to the game.
In reality, it is practically impossible to describe how Project Cars feel in VR — you have to try it.
But, in the end, we have found ourselves gripping the steering wheel with whitened fingers.
Pinball FX2 VR Multiplatform: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Open Source VR Pinball FX2 VR is brand new pinball game from the masters of Zen Studios who has laid the foundation for the digital pinball.
This game brings enhanced physics and advanced 3D graphics to the original pinball tables.
In addition to that, the game has certain social features that will make it your best VR experience for Android, immersive and engaging.
In the first place, Pinball FX2 VR carefully replicates the atmosphere of real pinball in a box.
Chernobyl VR Multiplatform: HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR Visiting Chernobyl is not a walk in a park.
It is exciting as hell but dangerous as well due to radiation.
But in Chernobyl VR you can visit the place while sitting on the sofa in your living room!
So, this project combines educational and gaming aspects enhance by the narrative documentary movie approach.
This one-of-a-kind virtual tour into Chernobyl zone uses 3D scans, photos of locations and buildings, stereoscopic videos, and even augmented reality to create unique exploration experience.
Dead Secret Multiplatform: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Open-Source VR Dead Secret sends the player to investigate the haunted house in rural Kansas where a gruesome murder took place in a cell.
You have to find all cryptic clues this best silent hill games afraid within the walls and solve many puzzles along the way.
So, prepare for reading because there is a lot reading material prepared for you in this game.
A thriller brought from the TV screen to Virtual Reality.
Fulldive VR Google Cardboard Not a game but still a fascinating example of utilization of VR.
Fulldive is a navigational platform in virtual reality which has all features of the best vr games for android favorite VR-player like watching videos in 3D or viewing 360 panoramas.
As a result no need to mention that this mixed app has an option for internet surfing and supports all video formats.
Finally, among other cool features, we can name compatibility with Hulu and Netflix, 360-degree video streaming on Youtube, and access to all best VR apps through VR-market.
Darknet Multiplatform: Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR Former Samsung Gear VR exclusive turned out to be a multiplatform title.
Darknet has the resident player on the dark side of the Web tasking to hack different servers, spread viruses, and so on.
A hacker-themed strategy in arcade style which somehow remind us about hacking in Deus Ex Human Revolution and Mankind Divided.
With clear instructions given by the mysterious droid voice, you will be able to orchestrate a beautiful mayhem and collapse the system.
As well Darknet proves that not all games must be about shooting stuff or rely on advanced graphics of physics.
Sometimes clever implementation of basic arcade features can be more successful and entertaining than hollow blockbusters.
Within VR Multiplatform: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Open-Source VR First of all, VR these days is not only about Virtual Reality games as you might know.
Within VR the best vr games for android a robust instrument for semi-pro filmmakers and video enthusiasts.
It can help you with creating unique short films, documentaries, or music videos that support the 360-degree view.
Also if you want to see what is program is capable of then just watch the video on Youtube.
So we are not going to spoil much, but this is one of the most progressive attempts to achieve highest cinematic quality in VR.
VR Karts: Sprint Multiplatform: HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, Daydream Driving simulators and arcade racing virtual reality games are also in this list.
Or maybe in VR phone games overall.
VR Karts: Sprint is a good attempt to fix the situation.
In conclusion, VR Karts has modes for solo play and for multiplayer as well.
So, get into your customizable vehicle to show others who is the boss!
As a result, powers and weapons will help you to send the message and prove your point.
Dragon Front Oculus Rift exclusive If you enjoy board games with cards and love virtual reality gaming, then you should definitely check Dragon Front.
It follows traditions of card collecting games and adds a deeper element of strategy to the gameplay.
In Dragon Front, you have a well-thought game system, several factions to choose from, 280 characters, 80 battlefields, and more than 100 spells to cast.
It feels like playing Hearthstone sim but with board game figures that are actually alive.
After playing a card, it transforms into a 3D-model with its own set of animations.
And it is Seldom. best tactics games ps vita not more pleasing to watch than some simple card animations in traditional games.
Bullet Train Oculus Rift exclusive In the game of Bullet Train, you have just one enormous location as your playground, but it is filled with intense gameplay and enemies.
In your arsenal, you will find shotguns, assault rifles, pistols, and grenades.
Our protagonist moves by teleportation and can even stop time.
Slow motion basically turns you into a beast: you can throw grenades and weapons, grab new guns, teleport to cover the longest distances, shoot, and even reverse enemy projectiles!
The game is built on Unreal Engine 4 and fully optimized for VR running smoothly with 90 fps even on computers with minimal hardware required for VR-gaming.
Graphics look amazing; there are even some destructible objects.
The Unspoken VR Oculus Rift exclusive Ever wanted to participate in a fight club for sorcerers?
If the answer is positive, then The Unspoken sim is what you need.
Learn how to cast magic spells to unleash their devastating might on your opponent.
Playing this thing in VR and using your own hands to conjure flaming skulls or summon a barrage of exploding rockets is unbelievably satisfying.
The Unspoken is an online multiplayer restricted game only.
So it continue reading you cannot train with bots to become a better magician.
But fear not, as there is a series of tutorials that can improve your skills and introduce you to the game.
After training is done you are ready to arm your Touch controllers and fight for glory and power.
Batman: Arkham VR PlayStation VR exclusive Meet the exclusive VR port of the famous series for PS4 made by Rocksteady Studios.
The storyline follows the events depicted in the latest Arkham Knight demanding game.
However, Batman: Arkham VR is not a sequel, it is more a short detective story that brings you back into Gotham.
It is an adaptation of the detective mode from classic Arkham series.
Once again Batman must solve the crime using his deductive skills and hi-tech gadgets.
One interesting detail: you can take gadgets and operate them using PlayStation Move controller.
Great list of games!
Batman: Arkham VR is my favorite game!
Games for the phone is of course cool, but the maximum effect can be obtained only when fully immersed The name and logo of Thinkmobiles are registered trademarks of Thinkmobiles LLC Copyright © 2019.

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In this article, we are going to talk about the best and the most popular Best Gear VR Apps available for Samsung Gear VR, the less-expensive VR headset and one that is the best for Samsung Smartphone owners. The Samsung Gear VR has a huge list of Best Gear VR Apps including games, utility apps and some exciting 360-degree VR videos.

10 best VR games for Google Cardboard - Android Authority
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10 of the best virtual reality apps for your smartphone | Technology | The Guardian

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And with new headsets like the Oculus Quest, HTC Vive Cosmos and now Nintendo's Labo VR and Oculus Rift S on the way, you can expect even more great VR games in 2019. Here are the best virtual.

10 of the best virtual reality apps for your smartphone | Technology | The Guardian
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10 of the best virtual reality apps for your smartphone | Technology | The Guardian

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List of Best Virtual Reality Games for Android. The Virtual Reality technology is still a growing kid, and a lot is to be done in the advancement which could be the biggest revolution in the way we play and enjoy video games. Till then, here are the Top 10 Android Virtual Reality games that you can enjoy. 1. Hunters Gate

Top 10 Best VR Games for Android & iOS 2019 | iTechy
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Top 10 Best VR Games for Android & iOS 2019 | iTechy
Ever since the development of Google Cardboard, virtual reality games has been on the increase.
Now, you do not need to have a high tech https://eronline.ru/best-games/best-free-game-macbook-air.html to experience virtual games.
With the use of your Android or iOS device, you can have a taste click virtual reality games — of course with an affordable headset that will be compatible with your device, so you can enjoy playing these VR games how they were intended.
These games are sure to turn you https://eronline.ru/best-games/best-game-booster-for-league-of-legends.html a VR fan.
VR X-Racer VR X-Racer is The best vr games for android version of X-Racer which has got 2 modes hand mode race and virtual reality mode race.
This game did receive thousands https://eronline.ru/best-games/wolf-run-slots-online-free-play.html compliments worldwide.
This game has got all things needed in a racing game.
VR X-Racer is an amazing racing game for crazy game lovers.
VR X-Racer game is compatible with all mobile devices.
End Space VR End Space VR which is also known as Minos Starfighter VR, is a first-person arcade space shooter game that is developed for virtual reality.
This game is one the best VR games for mobile devices.
In this game, you get to pilot a small space fighter via hardcore space battles to defeat waves of enemies.
End Space VR game features a triple AAA graphics and it makes use of 3D positional audio.
With this game, you get to experience a thrilling and addictive VR gameplay on Cardboard.
This game has been fullu optimized to offer a very good and smooth game performance on your smartphone devices.
Sisters Sisters is a virtual reality ghost and horror story game.
Sisters horror game do work well with Google Cardboard application on Android and iPhones.
Sisters delivers an immersive 360 degree visual graphic, with binaural and directional audio.
This game has got simple controls that allows for easy pick up and play.
InCell VR Cardboard InCell is an action and racing game which has a little bit of science and strategy added in it.
This game is a highly unusual micro world of the human recreated cell.
InCell is the right piece for you to get a taste of VR experience with Google Cardboard.
Nevertheless, you can play this game without any controller.
In this game, you can switch off VR mode by just tapping and holding onto the screen of your smartphone.
This game is compatible with most cardboard headsets like View Master, Fibrum, Homido, Lakento, Archos, Durovis, and more others.
This is a quality RPG virtual reality the best vr games for android for Cardboard.
Now, go into the dungeons of ancient magical fortress, and solve puzzles to reach the exit.
VR Fantasy is packed with smooth improvements in virtual reality experience to provide a more comfortable and immersive gameplay experience.
The game is constantly updated with new features so you can enjoy virtual reality at low cost.
You can download VR Fantasy via the below link.
This means that rather than just watching the film, you become part of the actual set making the action revolve around you.
This is because the game is very addictive.
This is one of the best VR games for mobile.
More poets and writers fought in the Battle of the Somme than in any other in history.
Play War of Words and enjoy an amazing storyline gameplay on your The best vr games for android and iOS devices.
BombSquad VR VR game offers you the opportunity to blow up your friends in a plethora of explosive mini-games — in virtual reality of course.
The game features networked multiplayer, gratuitous explosions, advanced ragdoll face-plant physics, pirates, ninjas, barbarians, insane chefs, and more.
BombSquad VR requires an external controller to play.
You can use the BombSquad Remote app on another device, but a hardware gamepad is recommended.
BombSquad VR is more demanding on hardware than the regular BombSquad.
You may want to ensure the best vr games for android device runs the regular version of BombSquad well before trying BombSquad VR.
Haunted Rooms: Escape VR Haunted Rooms now comes to Virtual Reality.
This game is playable via the Google Cardboard and normal touch no headset required.
Download this free VR escape game and jump into the thriller experience of a lifetime.
This is a remarkable little game, so well made, with detailed graphics, and good sound effects.
In this game, you can enjoy features such as; Challenging escape puzzles, Awesome nightmare scene, and Unique scary effects and ambiance.
If you like scary horror games and want to experience it in full virtual reality VR then this game is a must download.
You can also enjoy it for free.
VR Space Stalker VR Space Stalker is a fascinating 360 VR space simulator that allows you to use VR virtual reality glasses to immerse deeply into the world of space battles and adventures without leaving home.
Enter into an atmosphere of dangerous adventures hidden in the depths of space.
This is an opportunity for you to try yourself as a spaceship pilot in the dim and distant future.
This game can be played for free.
These games gives you the opportunity to have a taste of virtual reality gameplay experience on your mobile smartphone.
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VR technology on your smartphone can really take gaming to a whole new level of immersion. We took a closer look and present you the best VR games for Android platforms including Daydream, the.

50 best VR games for Android and iOS: Virtual Reality Games List - 2019
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10 of the best virtual reality apps for your smartphone | Technology | The Guardian
Top 12 Best VR Games for Android 2018

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Get started with VR on your iPhone or Android phone with these 100 apps, spanning films, games, news and 360-degree photo-sharing. Skip to main content. The Guardian - Back to home.

50 best VR games for Android and iOS: Virtual Reality Games List - 2019
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Top 10 Best VR Games for Android & iOS 2019 | iTechy
VR is starting to become a big deal.
However, none of them can even come close to the affordability of Google Cardboard.
Anyone who has managed to pick one up over the last couple of years are no doubt looking for some awesome apps to put on there and use.
Here are the best VR apps for Google Cardboard.
Regrettably, Google Daydream has kind of taken over the VR apps market for mobile.
We have those linked just below.
They should deliver a better experience and some more variety as Google Cardboard begins to fade into the background.
Perfect entry level VR unit.
Cardboard Theater is a unique video player for Google Cardboard.
It basically lets you view your 2D and 3D movies in a virtual cinema without too much of a hassle.
It also supports 360-degree and 180-degree video content.
The app supports several video codecs, has simple controls, and it actually works pretty well.
We also have it on good authority that the developer is a good person who doesn't smoke and works out apparently.
In any case, the app has its issues, but it's difficult to complain about a Google Cardboard app that is still updated in 2018.
Give it a shot!
The official Google Cardboard app is a must have.
You can use the app to set up your Cardboard experience.
It also has some decent VR experiences all on its own.
The app lets you view you videos, photospheres, and other VR content stored on your device.
More importantly, it has a directory of VR apps and games that makes finding new stuff a lot easier.
Google hasn't updated this app since 2016 and that's a little concerning.
However, we still recommend it for now because it's the only app that puerto rico casino rules messages what it does.
Cardboard Camera is another one of those must-have VR apps that can be a lot of fun.
You just download, open, and go.
Expeditions is an education oriented app that is meant to be used in a classroom environment.
However, it can be used just about anywhere that you want.
The app has click at this page 200 expeditions that you can immerse yourself in.
There is a 360-degree mode that works without Cardboard if you need it to and the app is fairly easy to use.
Google Arts and Culture is another fantastic eduction-based VR app made by Google!
The only complaint we have is that Expeditions occasionally suffers from connection errors.
Fulldive VR calls itself a VR navigation platform.
What that means exactly is that the app will help you find and view tons of VR content from around the web.
It has the best vr games for android for VR video from YouTube, a VR video player built in, and even a VR browser to view online content.
There is also a camera, photo gallery, and a market place to take VR images and surf for more VR apps and games.
It is also free to download.
As it turns out, it's also great for Daydream!
Google Street View is an old friend of Google Maps and the best vr games for android was updated not long ago to support VR content.
It works the best vr games for android as it always has, which has provided people with 360-degree views of various roads, addresses, landmarks, and click here places.
With the VR update, you can also use your Google Cardboard to look at all of that stuff.
On top of that, you can view content posted by other people and provide your own content if you need to.
Sketchfab is a neat little educational app.
It has both AR and VR elements with support for Google Cardboard.
You can check out a variety of things, learn some new information, and play around with the various animations.
It's the best vr games for android a repository for 2D and 3D animations.
It boasts a collection of over two million models overall.
It's not the most functional app ever.
However, it works on Google Cardboard and it's actually a lot of fun to use.
The app has a few bugs, but it's also completely free so we can't complain too much.
Trinus Cardboard VR is a VR app that lets you play games.
Here's how it basically works.
You go through the process of connecting Trinus to both your computer and your phone in a Google Cardboard.
It provides a VR environment where you can play your computer games.
That includes support for controllers, most Cardboard style VR headsets, and more.
It's quite buggy, but it's getting more stable with every update.
There really isn't anything else quite like this.
It's also a super cheap way to play games in VR without upgrading your computer or your game collection.
Please note, it does make your non-VR games into VR games.
You still play them on a flat screen of sorts.
That screen is just in a virtually reality environment.
VLC for Android is a bit of a future entrant on this list.
It doesn't have any VR specific features just yet.
However, the beta click the following article of this app does.
It's available in Google Play.
The full functionality should arrive in the main app sooner or later.
VLC is a rock solid video player that supports pretty much every video codec ever.
That includes DVD ISOs and even live streams if you have the URL.
You can hit the download button above to join the beta and check out the 360-degree video feature if you want to.
The app is free to download and use.
Of course, the venerable YouTube is one of the great VR apps to have in your arsenal.
It is one of the largest sources of VR content on the Internet.
There are tons of videos and channels you can follow that provide everything from entertainment to educational video for you to watch.
YouTube is free for most of its features.
YouTube Red removes advertising and enables some extra stuff.
It'll remove the advertising and enable background listening.
You can our latest Android app and game lists!

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For now, here are our top VR games, each of which is definitely worth a peek if you have a VR headset, and some of which are worth going out and buying one of the best VR headsets so you can.

10 best Google Cardboard apps for the best VR experience! (Updated 2019) - Android Authority
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10 best Google Cardboard apps for the best VR experience! (Updated 2019) - Android Authority

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Best Android smartwatch Best running watch Best heart rate monitor. Have a gander at the games below but for the full shebang, head on over to our best PlayStation VR games piece for more.

10 of the best virtual reality apps for your smartphone | Technology | The Guardian
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10 of the best virtual reality apps for your smartphone | Technology | The Guardian
Top 10 Story Driven VR Games

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List of Best Virtual Reality Games for Android. The Virtual Reality technology is still a growing kid, and a lot is to be done in the advancement which could be the biggest revolution in the way we play and enjoy video games. Till then, here are the Top 10 Android Virtual Reality games that you can enjoy. 1. Hunters Gate

10 best Google Cardboard apps for the best VR experience! (Updated 2019) - Android Authority
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10 best VR games for Google Cardboard - Android Authority
Top 12 Best VR Games for Android 2018

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Best VR Apps & Games for Android 2017 – Virtual Reality is now become the latest trend in technology. you can use to feel the real things with these Virtual reality Lenses like Google Cardboard and here we compile the list of top best VR Apps for android in 2017.

10 of the best virtual reality apps for your smartphone | Technology | The Guardian
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50 best VR games for Android and iOS: Virtual Reality Games List - 2019

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Best VR Apps (Sections): Best VR Experiences; Best VR Apps and Games; Best VR Experiences. For those of you looking for some mind-blowing VR experiences, we’ve compiled a list of VR based experiences that featuring stunning videos that will transport you to a whole new realm.

10 of the best virtual reality apps for your smartphone | Technology | The Guardian
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Immerse yourself in the best VR games for Android | AndroidPIT

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50 best VR games for Android and iOS with videos for various platforms. Try and enjoy this amazing experience of Virtual Reality gaming. HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Open-Source VR.

10 of the best virtual reality apps for your smartphone | Technology | The Guardian
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10 of the best virtual reality apps for your smartphone | Technology | The Guardian
Best Budget VR gaming - Pimax 4k and Nolo VR

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We review the best mobile VR games that you can play in 2017 on your Android phone or iPhone, using a basic VR headset. From terrifying horror titles to fast-paced action and multiplayer games.

Immerse yourself in the best VR games for Android | AndroidPIT
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Top 10 Best VR Games for Android & iOS 2019 | iTechy

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This Android VR game could be featured in the best of Virtual reality games available for Android. It is fun, it is the best and it is amazing. The app is available on freemium account or could be purchased if like. One needs to necessarily wear glasses to play the same. Jurassic VR-Cardboard

Top 10 Best VR Games for Android & iOS 2019 | iTechy
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Top 10 Best VR Games for Android & iOS 2019 | iTechy
The Android or iPhone handset in your pocket is a VR device in its own right too, especially when paired with a sub-£20 Google Cardboard headset that uses your phone as its screen and works with both and iOS.
One of the first downloads for anyone with a Google Cardboard headset.
The app is also a decent listing of other Cardboard-compatible apps that are available: new ones are emerging every week.
Vrse is an excellent place to start: it has music videos and fun shorts, but also more serious videos exploring our world.
For more on what Vrse is up to, read.
Like the Guardian and companies like Vrse and RYOT, the is experimenting with virtual reality as a news format.
Its app is a showcase for its VR reports, taking you from the depths of the ocean to the surface of Pluto, via the spire of 1 World Trade The best vr games for android />I could have chosen as an example of shooting your own photos to be viewed in 360 degrees.
Seene is even more interesting though, with the addition of features to easily share your 360-pics with the world.
Jaunt is comparable to Vrse in the best vr games for android mixture of entertaining videos and more serious short-films.
The game part involves racing through the colourful environment outrunning a virus wave.
The Huffington Post liked the films of VR production firm RYOT so much, earlier this year.
RYOT has made a series of virtual-reality documentaries in far-flung places, with an emphasis on serious issues: riots, refugees, earthquake relief and other topics.
For more on what RYOT is doing.
This is just skimming the surface of mobile VR in 2016, though: there are dozens more excellent apps to try.
The comments section is open for your recommendations.
All our journalism is independent and is in no way influenced by any advertiser or commercial initiative.
By clicking on an affiliate link, you accept that third-party cookies will be set.